Using anchor links with smooth scrolling in Squarespace 7

Often, you may have a page on your site with a ton of content. Whether it be a wiki type page analyzing all the characters of your favorite TV show, an API documentation for your startup, or a "jump back to the top of the page" on a long post, anchor links make navigation simpler for your users. By following this guide you will be able to create anchor links just like the ones below.

Customized subdomains, multitenancy, and custom selects with Rails - OddJob U

Every week of the 20/20 challenge, I’ll be noting some of the top coding highlights and offering small tips & tricks. Feel free to ask questions in the comments/the twitter/email/etc.

For those of you who are interested, OddJob U was made on Ruby on Rails, using pgSQL.  We're hosting this app, and most likely all of our apps, onHeroku.  They have a free tier for apps that can be scaled when needed, and they save us a lot of money and time.  

Making full screen games with Viewport Units and Same Page Editing Capability- Jeopardy Rocks

One of my top challenges when developing Jeopardy Rocks (Week 3 of the20/20 Challenge) was ensuring that the game displays just as well on a projector as it does on a computer or a tablet.  

We didn't want any scrolling down, misplaced podiums, or numbers that were too big.  After some research, I discovered what I think is the best approach to the issue:

CSS Viewport Units

Introduced in CSS3, viewport units are based on the size of the viewport (or visible screen) of the browser.  The two units are viewport height and viewport width. They can be used as follows:

AJAX Photo Uploading the Easy Way with Rails 4 and Paperclip - JustPayme

In creating JustPayme (Week 5 of the 20/20 Challenge), the most important step was the simple on-boarding of a new user and their card.  On reaching the site, the user travels through a three step form, as displayed in the gallery below:

The step that often trips me up is what to do with photo uploading.  In this case, I wanted the user to be able to choose a file, preview it, and then submit it when they are ready.  In addition, this whole form would have to be submitted through AJAX so that we could continue the user flow and move on to the final step of the on-boarding process. 

Using Searchkick and ElasticSearch in Rails 4 - Tutor Portal

While creating Tutor Portal for Week 6 of the 20/20 Challenge, one of the most important facets of the application was search.  Tutors, clients, and directors had to be able to easily search through their records and find the information they were looking for easily based on date or information about that specific client.

For example, if an admin was searching for a client, and put the student's name instead, I still wanted that client to show up.  Most importantly, I wanted a scalable solution that could not only add more capabilities, but could also handle large amounts of segmented data.  

In this nerd note, I outline how to set up Elasticsearch and searchkick in Rails and common use cases in many applications.