Removing the date for blog posts in Squarespace

Often, when making a Squarespace site, you may want to use the blog for something slightly different than a traditional blog.  The ability to manage and edit posts makes it convenient for all sorts of uses.  When changing the purpose of the blog, you may want to remove the date at the top.  To do this, the first thing you have to do is add jQuery to your site.  From the main menu, click Settings → Advanced → Code Injection.  On the Code Injection page, paste the following code into the Header textbox (if you already have this code in the box from a different code injection, you can skip this step):

    <script src=""></script>

Removing the Date From Blogs

When removing the date, you can either remove it universally from all blogs on the website, a specific blog (one created through the create new page tool), or on a specific blog post.  It is the same line of code regardless of where you want your dates removed, but the effects of the code depend on where you put it.  Copy the following code and paste it into one of the sections described below:

    <script type="text/javascript">

Universal Blog Date Removal

To remove the date universally on all blogs, from the main menu click Settings → Advanced → Code Injection.  On the Code Injection page, paste the code into the Footer textbox

Specific Blog Date Removal 

To remove the date on a blog, go the menu of the relevant blog through the Pages menu.  Once there, click the gear icon in order to access the settings of the blog as shown below:


Once in the Configure Blog popup, click the Advanced tab, scroll down to the section entitled Post Blog Item Code Injection and paste the code into the corresponding text box.

Individual Blog Post Date Removal

If you want to remove the date on an individual blog post, go into the edit mode of your blog post.  Once there, insert a Markdown block anywhere on the page.  Paste the code into the markdown block as shown below.


Now you have your dateless blog!  As always, feel free to comment with questions or other cool ways to remove dates.