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Waveney Hudlin Web Designer @itswaveney

Waveney Hudlin
Web Designer

Ruben Pierre-Antoine Web Developer @rubentheruben

Ruben Pierre-Antoine
Web Developer


Muno Creative is a web and mobile design studio based in Hollywood, Florida.

The team consists of UI/UX designer Waveney Hudlin and developer Ruben Pierre-Antoine, two Stanford graduates who employ their backgrounds in psychology, business, education and engineering to turn sketches into useful products, including web and mobile apps, e-commerce sites, and other online tools. 

Some of the duo's recent work includes Koil Hair—a marketing site for a high-end beauty brand; font-pairing tool Typegenius, recently acquired by Canva; and Factile—an award-winning educational tool that allows teachers to create, save, and share Jeopardy-style review games.


For inquiries: team@munocreative.com


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