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Waveney Antoine Web Designer @itswaveney

Waveney Antoine
Web Designer

Ruben Antoine Web Developer @rubentheruben

Ruben Antoine
Web Developer


Muno Creative is a web and mobile design studio based in Hollywood, Florida.

The team consists of UI/UX designer Waveney Antoine and developer Ruben Antoine, two Stanford grads who employ their backgrounds in psychology, business, education and engineering to turn sketches into useful products, including web and mobile apps, e-commerce sites, and other online tools. 

Some of the duo's recent work includes Koil Hair—a marketing site for a high-end beauty brand; font-pairing tool Typegenius, recently acquired by Canva; and Factile—an award-winning educational tool that allows teachers to create, save, and share Jeopardy-style review games.


For inquiries: team@munocreative.com


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